Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Personality Project

My personality type is Logical/Mathematical. I'm doing this personality project because it can help me in the future to understand math better and to see it in a simpler way. This personality type helps me because it will help me in the future with math, without math I won't be a professional in computers in the future. When I took this personality type I learned something about myself like I can understand math more easier, get the hang of it and help me in the future with computers, because I have to learn about centimeters, inches and etc.

Monday, February 16, 2009


When I turned thirteen (13) my life changed, I dont know why, I started to like technology and started to hang out with different people. When I changed, also my atitude changed and trust me I was bad, very bad like I curse at people, looking for trouble like getting into fights and etc. I wasnt proud of myself, I know something was wrong with me, I was like that for three (3) years until I became sixteen (16). Then I got help from Doctors like psychiatrist and psychology in Tegucigalpa. When i've been going there for eleven (11) months my behavior, emotions and paying more attention has improved a little.